‘Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean’ – John Muir. In the presence of nature’s beauty, we feel minuscule. All our problems, worries and indefinite thoughts just vanish. I am certainly humbled by my trips to the mountains. Even as a teenager, when I went to the Himalayan foothills, I was in awe of these majestic rocks, standing through centuries. They may have so many tales to tell, but there they stand, silent and immobile to sweep us off our feet.

Rocky mountains and glaciers
The Majestic Rocky Mountains

Every year we visit the Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival in January. As I had a new Canon T5, I was more excited to visit the mountains. Winter snow adds to the charm and unknown aspect of these marvels of nature.

The 2 km long lake was frozen and surrounded by the incredible Mount Temple (3,543 m (11,624 ft)), Mount Whyte (2,983 m (9,787 ft)) and Mount Niblock (2,976 m (9,764 ft)). Knowing its maximum depth of 70m did not help much while we walked across from Fairmont’s Chateau to the other side.


Frozen in time
Fairmont’s Chateau Hotel

On the not-so-cold winter day, we were feeling the chills walking around the lake, can you imagine how people who built this Chateau at Lake Louise in the late 19th century get by? It has been open since 1911, and the beautiful design is matchless as compared to the glass and concrete jungle of the day, I think.

Ski and snow shoeing time!
Skiing lessons anyone?

The Alpine Larch trees line the mountains and are breathtakingly beautiful in the fall. The snow covered pines are just as mesmerizing to me. The tiny cabin adds character to the background.

snow and frosted pine trees
Taller than the tallest!

Most of these pictures are taken in automatic mode with the kit lens, as I was too scared to fumble with my camera while walking on the frozen lake. These trees look so captivating with all the white snow and the sun fighting to get through. It was almost as if they were bound by the brotherhood of unspoken chlorophyll.

amazing human courage
Brave ice climbers on the waterfall

From the middle of the lake, this was almost not clear, but as we walked closer these courageous ice climbers were visible. It amazes me how humans are so protective, yet so carefree at the same time. I would probably never dare even in my dreams to do this. This picture was taken with the 75-300 mm lens.

I am alive
Ice sculpture coming to life as ‘The goddess of ice’

There were many fine artists who carved these blocks of ice into almost lifelike sculptures. I am not sure who won the first prize, but this Goddess of Ice as I call it, certainly was my favorite.

I don’t know if I could stay in the pristine mountains away from the hustle and bustle of the human population. If I would miss the technology and the constant urge to stay connected with the ones I love? But it was a great escape, even just for few hours I could unplug and enjoy the treasures of this precious Earth.

Let me know how you liked these pictures. If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to share them in the section below.


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