As a beginner in the field of photography, I try to learn from experts and keep it diverse.

My photography subjects vary based on the weather outdoors. On a great sunny day, you want to go to shady foliage and take pictures of nature, cityscape or the people in general. If it is freezing -25 degrees, you can settle with some plants indoors or still life photography.


Play around with ideas like bubbles, water droplets, a pack of crayons or food coloring in the house. Dried flowers from the potpourri, pebbles or rocks in your backyard, fresh flowers or even fruit or veggie from the fridge can work out when you are learning photography. You can bribe your pet to be the person of interest as well. It is always a lot of fun to setup the subject you want to photograph.


The internet has a treasure of ideas, just check out Pinterest or Instagram and you will have all the masters for easy inspiration. So grab your lens and start clicking!

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