Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful festive season with your loved ones or your own loved self. Festivals and celebrations bring people close together. It is time for all the fancy food, decoration, best (worst sweater) clothing, and stories which form memories for a lifetime. It is also the most opportune time for photography. The streets are lit glamorously, snow covers the ground and it is literally magic in the air.

Snow can’t keep me home bound!

Although it is sometimes -30 degrees outside, we bundle up and bring out the festive spirit for photography. I got the Canon 75-300 mm lens as a present from my hubby for this season. It was beautiful to go out and try bird watching and landscape photography.

I am still learning to focus and balance all the settings, so my chatter it is only about the wonders of handling the tools. I am still not very learned about technical specifics that I can explain settings.

Going outside to experiment and handle my new camera is all I want to do. Some images turn out well, some are not good to keep or share but it is all for learning. In 2017, I hope to get hands on with my gadget and understand how the magic happens without doing any additional post photography editing.

Downtown Calgary
City Lights

I have looked at multiple YouTube videos and tutorials for various forms of photography lessons. It helped a lot and I want to continue following the amazing photographers on the social media to learn from them.

Tree, skates and fun
Skate to festivities

On important note, if it is snowing outside, make sure to keep some cover for your precious camera and lens. There are rain guards and waterproof covers available, but a clean plastic grocery bag or large ziploc would do the job too.

Feel free to share your comments and join in on completing that bucket list. One new skill to follow each year. I am excited and have a gut feeling that this is my special year! Keep clicking.

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