Indoor photography calls for creativity

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The days following my birthday were mostly cold and snowy, so I had to browse online for some fun things to shoot. The internet is luckily the treasure trove of ideas. I found a lot of resources with ideas to try. This YouTube channel episode is fun to watch and learn from.

We are really lucky as millennials. We are surrounded by experts and the skills are shared so readily and accessible through the World Wide Web. The web is full of images that can inspire you to grab the camera and replicate. It is not copying, but learning from what others have already done. To use their lesson and experience to improve your own.

I tried to take the picture of book and paper heart. The wooden laminate floors were easy background. The sun is always giving perfect light to play with.

Love for books
Paper heart

There is always the lure of still life photography when you can’t get outdoors. This Japanese tea set was ideal for creating a light box and working to understand the reflections and refractions of different colored surfaces and lights around them.

still life photography
Lightbox – I am a teapot


I enjoyed creating this and playing with different angles. Now I have to find the right items to place in the box and click away!

Still life photography
Grey Japanese Teapot

Pictures with the moving lights and long exposure always lured me. So after a long dull day, I got my hubby to move the lights for me. All I needed was a hula hoop and some Christmas lights. With flash free mode I was able to take the picture below. It is not very professional or close to fancy, but I enjoyed the effects. It gives me more confidence to try different things like this.

Moving lights

The featured image on top of this page has also been fun to create. The dollar store pebbles and a black cardstock paper helped me learn some shadow and light basics.

It is always exciting to learn and share new pictures and get some opinions. Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback with me in the comments section. Thanks for reading this blog post.



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