It is still summer in the northern hemisphere, but somehow the outsides have a cold feel. Most of the last 3 months were smokey due to multiple wildfires across the province of British Columbia. When we went to Jasper, one of the tour guides told us that most of the forest was infested with pine beetles and many trees were in process of dying. It is very interesting to know these forests go through cycles and just like the Phoenix, it rises back to life from its ashes, quite literally.  Nature is always so inspiring and we have to care for our environment in every small way possible.


Fall colors

These lovely colors bring all the joy you need when daydreaming. Bright colored berries and the reducing chlorophyll in leaves bring out the orange and yellow hues. As a photographer, you want to see as much color as you can in the composition. I am always learning and these different opportunities to explore the scenery is a blessing.

Fall colors Canmore

These trees in a local Canmore park are just splendid as they stand surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains.

On a personal side note, I will be participating in my very first group exhibition and all the nerves with endless preparation thoughts make me sleepless at night. I will also add prints for sale option to my website soon. Exciting things coming soon!

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